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Fager Philip Titanium Weymouth + Jacob Sweet Iron Loose Ring Bradoon Set



Bradoon: Fager Jacob Sweet Iron Loose Ring Bradoon (Titanium)

12mm Thickness; 55mm Rings

Weymouth: Fager Elisabeth Weymouth (Titanium)

14mm Thickness; 7cm Shank

The Fager Jacob Sweet Iron Loose Ring Bradoon is ideal for horses that can be heavy or numb in the contact.  The high-port of the Philip Weymouth mouth piece assist in encouraging the horse to work forward towards the contact without adding additional tongue pressure and is suited to the horse with a smaller mouth. 


PreOrder 4-6wks. Whilst we do keep most of these combinations in stock, should there be a component requiring ordering, both pieces will be posted together. You will be notified within 24hrs of ordering whether there will be a wait time.