Fager Elisabeth Weymouth + Madeline Double Jointed Loose Ring Set (Titanium)



Bradoon: Fager Madeline Double Jointed Loose Ring Bradoon (Titanium)

12mm Thickness; 55mm Rings

Weymouth: Fager Elisabeth Weymouth (Titanium)

14mm Thickness; 7cm Shank

The Madeleine Titanium Double Jointed Loose Ring Bradoon offers more flexibility than a straight bit and the shaped Elisabeth Titanium Weymouth allows the horse extra space in the mouth to fit the bradoon comfortably without applying extra bar or tongue pressure.

 This set encourages the horse to sit comfortably in the contact and relax into the double bridle.

PreOrder 4-6wks. Whilst we do keep most of these combinations in stock, should there be a component requiring ordering, both pieces will be posted together. You will be notified within 24hrs of ordering whether there will be a wait time.