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Original Meroth Freedom Leather Snaffle

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 Suggested for;

  1. Developed Riders
  2. Horses who are difficult to bridle or have bridle/poll sensitivity.

 The patented Meroth Leather Freedom Snaffle is now also available with a chin strap, which allows the horse to be ridden without a bridle.

The only NON-TOXIC, patented, all-leather bit!

Special stitching, sure not to irritate your horse's sensitive mucus membranes or lips.
100% non-toxic leather, adhering to strict European standards.
Note: The simple snaffle must be used with a bridle.
Made in Germany.

similar product: Leather Loose Ring Snaffle

NB: These bits are sent to Horse Bit Emporium with instructions to soak the leather for 2-4hrs in new sunflower oil. The Bit Emporium has completed this process on your behalf. So your bit will be ready to use upon delivery.

This bit will deteriorate over period of time, wiping the leather down after each use will add to the life of your Meroth bit.

Read Review by Show Jumping Professional Hayley Coman, Hayley raves how the Meroth Freedom Snaffle turned her horse around!

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