Bombers Weymouth 75 Dressage Port Swivel



The Swivel Weymouth, designed to be used in conjunction with a Bridoon in the Double Bridle. The Weymouth introduces both curb and poll pressure.

The upper cheeks on our Weymouths are bent slightly outwards to allow room for the horse's cheeks. It also has an oval top ring so the bridle's cheekpiece doesn't interfere with the curb chain. The lower cheeks are 75 mm long.

Supplied with English Curb Chain and hooks.

In the Swivel the mouth piece is not fixed, so that the horse can decide where the mouth piece is most comfortable in its mouth. The port allows for tongue relief and the swivelling action reduces tongue pressure to a minimum. This is also an extremely effective bit for a horse with a low palette.


Swivel mouthpiece

75mm Shanks

14mm Thickness

FEI/EA Legal

6wk Preorder