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Bombers Loose Ring Bradoon Control Plate Dressage Titanium

Great teamed up with Bombers Weymouth Happy Tongue Titanium

Thickness: 13mm

Rings: 68mm

Why Titanium

Titanium also correlates to equine health and increased performance. Titanium products are becoming popular especially in bit technology. The advantages to titanium bits are thanks to the heat it produces, "its resistance to acid based elements in the horse's mouth, and its extreme biocompatibility." With steel bits weighing double compared to titanium bits, its lightness makes it very comfortable for your horse and soft for horses with sensitive mouths. As a number of scientific studies have shown, once a titanium bit is inserted in the horse's mouth, the horse produces an abundant amount of saliva and this has a consequent reaction that relaxes all the horse's neck muscles. This therefore creates a very gentle and more pleasant feel for your horses while under saddle.

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