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Bombers 2.5 Ring Flexible Mullen



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Bombers 2.5 Ring Flexible Mullen is a lighter option leverage bit, with the 2.5 Ring offering a mild cheekpiece option. In the Bombers Scale, a score of 4. (With 1 being the lightest at a Loose Ring). 

The Mouthpiece is a PVC Tubing, similar feeling to that of garden hose tubing. Suitable for the type of horse that dislikes metal bits, but perhaps slightly pulls against fully flexible synthetic bit styles.  Flexible Mullen comes in 18mm or 14mm thicknesses, with 14mm giving a sharper feel to the contact. Within the tubing, there is a steel cable core. The Bit comes with a backstrap. Recommend customers add a pair of bit guards to bit as universal style cheekpieces can pinch. 

Thickness: 18mm