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1:1 Bit Fitting Consultations

Loren Wellings - Accredited Bombers Bit Fitter



March 17th 2019 @ Howlong NSW. Bookings via this link

May 25th 2019 @ Donald Pony Club. Bookings to

May 26th 2019 @ Horsham Riverside Equestrian Club. Bookings to


Bitting for almost 5 years now, I pride myself on the knowledge of assisting many horses. Every horse is different and sure has a story to tell in their bitting!

Bitting has evolved and there is so much to learn about how the bit can affect our horse's way of going, behaviour, steadiness and moving. We should be taking it more seriously, similar to Saddle Fitting!

Most common thing I see with bitting is incorrectly fitted bits. Or the rider is using a bit that came with the horse or that they found in the tack shed! I would estimate that approximately 1 out of every 10 horses that I see to, has mouth damage. Not just splitting of the lips, but internal damage to either the bars of the mouth, teeth or inner lip. 


Bitting Consultations are available in Victoria. We are interested in clinics in other states should we find a good facility and following to run a clinic from. 

Prices per clinic do vary depending on location due to travel costs and facility fees.




What is involved in a Bitting Consultation?

  1. Most important factor with bit fitting is the horses mouth anatomy (shape and size). Taking into account the shape of the tongue, palate and bars on the horses mouth. Has their been mouth trauma in the past? Splitting of lips?
  2. I measure and inspect the horse’s mouth. What size does the horse actually require? What damage has been done using a bit too big or too small in the past?
  3. I assess the current bit. Why are you using this bit? What does it do for you? What bits have you tried in the past? Does it fit?
  4. Discuss with the rider and/or with the rider’s instructor; does the rider’s need for a change in bit (or not). 
  5. Display to rider my recommendation of bits. 
  6. Lets try on something different / have a short ride around and lets see if the horse is accepting.


Some reasons I come across for changing a bit may be:

  • Current bit is too bit or small
  • Horse is uncomfortable; may be throwing his head or inconsistent in contact. Rising above contact, behind the vertical, lugging/hanging, one sided
  • Horse is becoming slightly stronger as the rider works up the levels (perhaps needing a different jumping bit)
  • Horse has developed mouth soreness; sores, split lips, allergies.
  • Needing to change to a Dressage Legal bit, once rider starts competing
  • Moving to a double bridle.. the list goes on


What does it cost?

A consultation fee is variable depending on your location. Email for a quote! 

How long is a consult?

This consult approximately 45- 60mins with the rider/Horse.

A bit Fitting is about finding the perfect fit, without hassles of guessing what to buy online, buying the wrong size, style and so on. 

Riders can also do some research into what bit styles they like, prior to my arrival.