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Ti-Bits by Beris

Ti-Lingua is made of the high quality material Titan. The surface is extremely smooth and stimulates the saliva production of the horse. It is an extremely lightweight material but yet resistant against any kind of corrosion. It is 100% biocompatible and it does not cause any oversensitivity. The Ti-Lingua mouthpiece free combinable with the handmade stainless steel side parts of beris so that it caters the needs of Horse and Rider. The individual colour design makes every bit with a Ti-Lingua mouthpiece an eye catcher at the horse’s head. Anyone, who wants to have a real unique item, picks the colour code “Graffi-Ti” which guarantees to own an exclusive individual item.

About the Ti-BIts Eggbutt: This bit fits perfectly in the mouth. With rein action the mouthpiece changes its angle and puts pressure on tongue and jaw.

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